By HELEN SMITH/ Montana State News

The Brawl of Wild was underway, and the Bobcats were about to drive and score. A siren began screaming and an automated voice announced a fire in the building with orders to evacuate. Crowded rows began to move toward the doors.

However, the game quickly resumed.

Monday night, a false fire alarm sounded at the Montana State University versus the University of Montana men’s basketball game. An office staff member for MSU Athletics said the cold weather and dust were responsible for setting off the alarm in Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.

No official evacuation was ordered and the game resumed “almost immediately,” according to the staff member.

According to University police, since it was a false alarm, no record was made for the incident.  At the time of the siren sounding, the Bobcats were close to tying the score in a fast-paced, high energy game. The first half had just begun with a nearly full house on hand.

– Edited by Sabrina Hayes