By JESSE POWELL/Montana State News

Researchers Mike Oard, author of “The Missoula Flood Controversy and the Genesis Flood,” and Mark Amunrud, are continuing to invite local researchers and those interested in the geologic proofs of Young Earth Theory to accompany them on hikes around Bozeman.

The summer discovery tours are a follow-up of Creation Conference 2012, sponsored by Montana Origins Research Effort and Grace Bible Church of Bozeman.

The day trips will focus on geologic evidence found locally of the  deluge recounted in the Book of Genesis. For example, the fossil forests in Specimen Ridge will be hiked to and explained by researchers as rapid sedimentary infill from floodwaters. A  three-mile hike upon the Gravelly Range will examine rocks and boulder rounded by water deposited by shifting mega-flood currents.

Hike participants are encouraged to bring questions and be prepared to make an observation journal themselves. All field trips will begin at the Bozeman Hot Springs parking lot on the day of the trip. Hikers are encouraged to bring sufficient clothing for inclement weather, a day pack and a lunch.

Edited by Tristan Abbott.